Visa grant for submitted190 Nomination SA application Dec 19

Hello Anil,

We have received 190 nomination from SA in Oct 2019 & submitted the complete visa application on Immigov on Dec 12, 2019. Because of Covid the offshore grants are slowed, and we have not yet received the Visa grant.

I wanted to seek your guidance on 3 points:

  • I will be turning 40 in 3 months time, shall I make further efforts to apply for 491 incase it is expected that 491 visas will be granted faster?
  • I work for a multinational company in UK and they are willing to offer me a position in Australia. Shall I ask them to start the 186 process. Will it be of any benefit in terms of increasing chances of getting visa grant faster than my current situation?
  • Is there any benefit to increase my score for other EOIs by clearing NAATI and then increase the chance for getting 189 or 491 nomination.

Because of the long wait and uncertainty, I am wondering shall I do further efforts so that I don’t regret later that I wish if I would have tried something in parallel.

Thank you in advance for your valuable guidance and I look forward to hear back from you.


Hey there,

  1. 190+189 are Permanent Residency Visas and 491 is a temporary (regional sponsored) visa in which you become eligible to apply for PR after few years. So, why do you want to leave your PR application and apply for 491? Doesn’t make sense to me. Getting a job in regional Australia will be tough if you are from the IT sector. And there is no fast processing of 491 over 189/190.

  2. Applying for Direct Tream-186 from offshore will only expedite the application if your Job Code falls under the 17 occupations as mentioned in the PMSOL. Rest of the codes, I don’t expect any priority processing. Here is the link to PMSOL:

  1. Currently, DHA is sending 189/491 invitations only to occupations critical to the economy. You are lucky that you got your invite pre-covid and were able to lodge your application. There are so many applicants waiting with 95+ points for an invitation from a long time. Even if you did get a 189 invitation and lodge your visa, you will again be part of the same “offshore-waiting period pool” as there is no fast processing of 189 applications over 190.

Since you have applied for 190, and have no criminal records/forge documents, you will definitely be granted your visa sooner or later. Covid has definitely made the waiting time longer but it is what it is. And I dont see why you will regret later that you should have “tried something in parallel” since you have already lodged your visa application and will get the grant. And please note, you are not the only one waiting. I have a friend (Registered Nurse) who applied for SA-190 in Nov, 2019 and still waiting for a grant. I (RN) too have lodged my 190-VIC in March, 2020 and waiting. Not just two of us, but many who have been waiting for over a year now. As long as you have a stable job at hand in your country, continue with that. The waiting is frustrating and I can understand that but hang in there! You are not alone :slight_smile:


Dear Pooja,

Many thanks for your detailed reply. Really appreciate it!!!

It has helped us to validate our thoughts and bring clarity on wait & watch approach. Really hope that the visa grant starts moving and all of us receive the visa grant soon.


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Even I applied for Victoria-190 in Jul19. No grant yet. Please update, when you guys hear back.

Hey Arpan,

Did you have any CO contact since July, 19? If yes, what was it for?

Applied 190 for ANZCO 232111 in Dec 2019. No CO assigned yet. Kindly keep us posted with the progress on your case, we will do the same.


Hey guys!

Just a quick update, I got my first CO contact on15th of this month. CO contact is for redoing medicals since they got expired.
My lodgement date is 6th Mar, 2020-190 visa (Victoria)
Job code: 254415


Good luck to you. We are still waiting for CO contact since Dec 2019 for SA 190. Hope situation becomes clearer in near future.


Thanks. I completed my medicals 2 weeks back but nothing since then.
Seems the CO slept again. lol

Guess, they started picking files so maybe your turn is around the corner. Wish you luck!

Thanks Pooja, Pls let us know if there is some progress with your application.


I am yet to receive any contact for my 190 (Victoria) application from July 19. Hope they wake up in 2022 :smiley:

@Science_cracker_Atom Sorry, just checked your message. Glad to inform that I got my 190 Visa grant on 4th Jan 2022. Its been a long wait of 2 years and 4 years of process in total. I know people have been waiting for long. Dont want to give any “positive quotes” here because have been there and I know how frustrating it can be. Just trying keeping sane and yours will be coming soon as well. Wish you luck :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Pooja for the Big news. Well deserved!!!

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@negi Very happy to hear the news about your immigration, all the best to you. What state do you have 190 from? Did you have all the documents uploaded before the CO contact.

Thank you!

I got the sponsorship from VIC. And yes, I have uploaded all the documents in one go when I lodged my visa. The CO had to contact because my medicals were expired.