Visa interview without client letter

My client project SOW is till July end. I have visa interview on 22 April. Client is not providing client letter. My i797 is valid till Mar 2025.
What option i have to attend the interview…

  1. I know client letter is not mandatory document if in interview its asked to provide client letter what should be my response. what other docs i can show if needed.
  2. I have an offer from another company and i thought to do stamping from current comp(emergency visit) and come back and then join. In this scenario should I cancel my appointment, tickets and join the company and plan to go after 6 months?

If they categorically ask for client letter, then, you will have to submit it.

In cases where client does not provide one, your own employer can write on their letter head about the project and explain the reason behind client not providing one.

It is your choice to use new company’s H1B i797 for stamping or the current one. Both should be fine as per my opinion.

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Thank you Anil sir.

  1. Does client letter should have all working locations including remote location ( Remote location is mentioned in LCA)
    Or only one location is ok in client location.
    LCA has client main office location but I am working mostly remotely and both location mentioned in LCA.

  2. My i797 is valid from mar 22 to mar 25. I do have client letter which provided in April 22 . Can I show that letter. My company sow is valid till July 2024 but I have petition approved till mar 25. If I provide client letter say July 2024
    In that case will I get visa till jul 2024 although my i797 is end date is mar 25.

  3. Is visa interview is difficult compare to Dropbox ? I accidentally booked interview and booked the ticket now not getting Dropbox after my travel date .

  4. Can I change passport delivery from vac pick up to premium home delivery after booking and before attending the interview ?