Visa stamping at Hermosillo

I am booked my h1 b visa interview in it safe

Are you asking about safety in terms of security in Mexico or H1B approval probability?

I have my approved I797 but Mexican embassy says my spouse and kids need some sort of legal document which says they are legal to stay here…

Everyone needs a valid US visa or a Mexican visa to enter Mexico.

I have approved I797B, which I got it through consular extension.

As you might have known, consular extension does not provide H4 docs to dependents. Went to Mexican embassy but they said they could not provide visa as my dependents have expired US visa and no H4 docs.

My question is can I get the border permit for 1 week while traveling to Mexico by land. Worst case if they cannot provide the border permit, can they return to US.

Your help would be appreciated.

Hi @Aruna

Your dependents cannot enter US if they do not have a valid US visa stamp in their passport.

Has your dependent’s i94 expired? If yes, then how are they staying in US at this time?

I don’t clearly understand your situation here.

if you filed for your H1B extension, you should have filed it for your dependents also. Isn’t it?

No they don’t have H4 docs as it’s applied through consular extension.

What is the validity of H4’s i94?

Sorry, i won’t be able to help if you do not answer back with complete information.
I cannot keep asking follow up questions.

I-94 has expired on 5/4… and got 797B approval on 6/3.

I am still not clear about your situation.

Do you have both H1B, H4 extension’s approvals on i797 or just H1B?

Are both H1B and H4 i94 expired?
You are continuously saying that you got consular processing approval for H1B.
This means that you and your dependents have some other visa status in US at this time. What status is it and how are you maintaining it after i94 expiry?