Visa status “administrative processing”

Hello, I was charged with DV back in 2019. The case is closed and charges are dismissed.
I did visa renewal from India after appearing in person interview six months after that. The VO only asked certified court disposition document while approving the visa.
Now after spending 3 and half years in USA, I had to visit India for emergency and got dropbox appointment for visa renewal.
At dropbox, the court document was not accepted and hence visa status was shown as “refused” and passports were returned with slip asking for certified court document to be submitted along with passports.
So i submit the tequired document and my visa status changed from “refused” to “administrative processing” . The passports are with consulate general and i also did not received any 221g

Is this sign of visa getting approved or can anybody has experience with similar status can explain?

As it was approved in past, it should be approved this time too if the only reason for admin processing is the court documents.

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