Visa status showing as Refused after dropbox

Hello, My dropbox appointment was done at Mumbai on May 11th for H1b and h4 visa renewal

Now the status is showing as “refused” for both.

Hoewever the passports are sill with embassy.

Does anyone experinced the same?

Have you got any email to submit any documents? Usually, refused means they are doing some background processing.

They might also ask for some documents from you. Otherwise, just wait for the final result.

Thanks for reply.

For both me and my wife the status is showing as Refused but our passports are still getting tracked at Embassy / consulate.

There is no email communication or call yet.

@anil_am22 - I received the 221g slip along with passport. It says “please submit court records for any arrest” . I have provided the certified court document very next day. waiting for status to be updated now.

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Yes. I provided the certified court document and immediately visa was issued within 1 week time. I travel to USA with no secondary inspection at POE as well.