Waze Carpool on H1B - is it legal?

Hi All,

Is it legal to drive as Waze Carpool and get paid when you are on H1B?

Hi @Pradeep2612

It is illegal to get paid for any ‘active’ activity unless it is approved specifically in H1B.

I am not sure how Waze carpool works.

Do you get paid for driving or its like some people share the cost of ride?

The app works by matching commuters based on where they live and work , suggesting carpool connections that will add only between one and five minutes of time to the route. Users can choose whether they want to drive or ride.

The ride cost is shared among the people.

If this is not resulting in any profit that can be taxed, then you should have no problem.

Is Waze issuing any tax form 1099-MISC for this activity to users?

No. This doesn’t violate any of h1 rules. We have been doing it with friends for years.

Scoop has official response on this Using Scoop on a Work/Student visa – Scoop Help Center

Waze or Lyft carpool issues 1099-misc that you can add to tax return, I have done that last 3 years and got the extension as well.

But, i got Waze 1099 on my wife’s name and she is on H4 EAD.

You are gambling a lot by driving for Waze in your wife’s name!