What are chances of getting invitation with 75 points for software tester (261314)

Hello @anil_am22 sir, i would like to know what are the chances of getting 190 invitation with 75 points for software tester (261314) in 2022?

Nearly zero. Due to pro rate policy you need at least 90 points.

@hoelame what is pro rate policy for 491
and in your opinion which state is best for software testing occupation?

Initially we applied for Software Tester role in 2019 with 90+5 points and got to know that very less chances for Tester (offshore). So we did re assessment for Software Engineer and applied. We got the Invite from Victoria yesterday with 85+5 points. So keep trying and all the best !


Congratulation !
May i know which invitation you got with 85+5 points, 190 or 491? Thanks!

Thank you !
It’s by Victoria for SC 190 - Software Engineer

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