What are the chances for invitation with 105 points in the next invitation round (Professional Engineer)

Hi all,

Been in the country for 8 years now and finally, I was able to accumulate 105 points for 190 and 100 points for 189 and I submitted my EOI a couple of days ago (03/07/2022)

My occupation is Professional Engineer (Classified as Mechatronics Engineer) ANZCO 233999.

Below are my points:
Age 30
PTE 20
Bachelor 15
Master of Research 5
Study in Australia 5
Local Experience 5
Single 10
State nomination for 190 5

In one month I can boost my point to 110 adding 3 years of experience.

I checked EOI real-time dashboard and it’s less than 20 people with 105 points at the current time.

Do I have high change for invitation in the upcoming invitation round? or it is because I just submit this month I have to wait couple of months longer?

Also do we know when will be the upcoming invitation round?

You have a good chance with 110 points.