What happens if employer revokes approved i140 within 180 days

Background: I have an approved i140 (approved last week) and I am on my 7th year of H1B (visa expiring Jan 2023) - the H1B extension was based on PERM approval.

Situation: I need to move jobs right now and my new employer is willing to sponsor H1B/GC. They are willing to transfer H1B , get it approved from USCIS first before I resign from my current firm.

Question: Assuming the new H1B is approved for 3 years based on my i140 approval/receipt number. In case my current employer revokes the i140 after I move jobs, will it affect the H1B that was just approved? My new company is willing to start GC process within 6 months, so once I get a new i140 from new employer I can do further extensions. I do not mind my priority date getting changed.

Please, any help is appreciated.

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Thanks Anil for your response. This link says the following:

  1. New employer can do H1B transfer/ext using approved i140 (beyond 6 years)
  2. Old Employer can revoke i140 if 180 days hasnt passed

assuming if 1 happens before 2, can I stay and work legally in US with the approved H1B? also what happens if I travel for stamping - will there be an issue since my old i140 is revoked and I am staying beyond 6 years?

I do not see any issue. Once your H1B is approved, it stays valid until explicitly revoked.

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Thank you very much!