What happens if police verification fails?

You are in the US and you apply for passport renewal.
So you send your passport to the embassy and fill the form.
Then you are told that in India the police are verifying your address.
For some reason they fail you. Could be because you don’t have an address proof or an address at all back in India.
Then you don’t have a passport and you are stuck in the US. What happens then? How can you ever travel back to India?

Some of you might say the renewal happens first and then police verification happens in India.
Ok. Let us say the embassy renews your passport and gives you a new one and police verification starts later. So you have a new passport. And police verification fails in India and they cancel your passport. Then how do you ever travel back to India?

If you end up with no passport, you can apply for Emergency Certificate to travel back to India.

Police verification can happen pre or post issue of passport. It differs from one application to other. You can reach out to Embassy/Consulate for specific case and resolution. It goes by case to case basis.