What happens If you receive an nsw190 invitation and do not accept it

Hi Anil,

I have received a NSW 190 pre-invite in June but I have not accepted it as I travelled offshore in December 2020 and forgot to change my country of residence to India.
Now I am travelling back to onshore in few weeks.
Can you please confirm if the same EOI will be valid for receiving another 190 invite or do I need to lodge a new one?

Appreciate your quick response.


Same EOI should be eligible to get another invite.

Thanks for your quick response!!
I have also heard that the EOI takes 90 days to get back into the pool again. Is it true?

The EOI on which you receive a final invite will be locked for 60 days (As you need to lodge visa within that timeframe), If visa isnā€™t lodged in that time, the same EOI will be part of the invitation pool again after 60 days.
In case of pre-invite, you get 14 days to submit documents to the state for a final approval/rejection during which the EOI will be locked. If you do not file your documents, the pre-invite will expire after 14 days and the same EOI will be part of the pool again for next round of invitations.

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