What happens to H4 EAD when I transfer to new employer while old one is still processing/REF?

Currently, My H1B and spouse’s h4 EAD is due for an extension in a month. It’s been more than a year since my i-140 has been approved with my current employer (Employer A). Employer A has just filed h1 extension along with my spouse’s h4 and EAD extension in the premium processing. In the meantime, I have another opportunity from a different company (Employer B) who is willing to transfer and extend my H1B in premium processing. If I want to opt for the employer change while Employer A’s h1,h4 and h4 EAD is still in premium processing, do I have to resubmit spouse’s h4 and H4 EAD extensions along with Employer B’s H1 petition again if the Employer A’s petition is still in pending with USCIS? If so, with this new H4 and H4 EAD application filed with Employer B’s h1 petition, will automatically revoke my pending H4 EAD with Employer A?

Also, In a possible scenario, If I get an RFE from Employer A’s H1 extension petition but Employer B’s h1 petition gets approved and I joined them. Will it affect the h4 and h4 EAD extension that was submitted along with the Employer A’s H1 petition?

Chances are that the extension through employer A may get approved before the transfer, so I would not file for a new H4/EAD with the H1B transfer to employer B.

If your H1B from employer B is approved first, you can submit a copy of your I-797 approval notice to the USCIS center processing the H4/EAD with a cover letter and copy of receipt notice for H4/EAD explaining why you are submitting the H1B approved notice. USCIS sgould approve the H4/EAD with no issues.

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