What happens to pending H4 EAD application if job change is done for H1-B?

Hi Anil,
I am on H1-B visa and have an approved H1-B petition with my current employer until Sep 2022.
My wife’s H4 Extension and H4 EAD applications are still in progress.
If we go by USCIS processing time for California Service center then my wife’s H4 might get approved in 5 months from the receipt date (receipt date is in Sep 2019 so we are thinking H4 extension application will get approved by end of Feb 2020) -> I am assuming that my wife do not get any RFE for H4 extension application.

Now, I have a new offer from another company which I am interested to join.
I am thinking to change my job as soon as my wife’s H4 application is approved.
Now, her H4 EAD extension was filed in December -we sent the USCIS slip that came with my wife’s first EAD -
My questions are-

  1. Is this a good approach to change job after my wife’s H4 extension application is approved? Or should I wait even for her H4 EAD application to be approved first and then change my employer?
  2. Also a related question - Let’s say my wife’s H4 application is approved in late Feb. Then does USCIS then pickup my wife’s H4 EAD application and take another 4-5 months (or more) to process the EAD extension application? Or do you think it will be approved around the same time as H4? Note: H4 was filed in Sep 2019 and H4 EAD was filed in Dec 2019.
  3. Another related question - we applied for my wife’s EAD extension “after” her first EAD expired. Is this going to cause any issue or any delays for the extension application?
  4. Does including the USCIS slip in the H4 EAD extension application help speed up the H4 EAD application in any way? Or should we expect it to be processed in 4-5 months also?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mHVK21

There is no need to wait for H4 or EAD extension approval to file H1B Transfer.

USCIS may or may not approve H4 and H4 EAD together. There is no guarantee or fixed sequence. Generally, if both applications at pending at same center, then they are approved around same time.

Applying H4 EAD extension after previous card’s expiry does not make any difference.

Thanks for your response!

Let’s assume it’s the general case- if it’s the same service center then do they generally approve both pending applications at the same time even if EAD application was filed three months after the H4 extension application?

Or will it take more time for EAD application as it was filed three months after H4 extension application?

In our case we filed the H4 extension first in Sep and then EAD in Dec of 2019.

Hi @mHVK21

I think i have already clearly answered your question. Please read it again in the interest of saving time for both of us.

No problem; I do read your responses carefully but it seems you didn’t read my follow-up question carefully. My follow-up question was specifically talking about the scenario where I submitted my wife’s EAD 3 months after her H4 extension application and asking if that will delay her EAD processing further?
But that’s ok. Thanks again!

I am no expert but something similar happened with my friend.
If you switch job while ur dependents H4 ead in progress, there may be a chance of RFE if your current employer revokes ur status after your resignation.