What is H4 EAD renewal processing time after biometrics

Hello Anil,

Is the H4 extension/ H4 EAD extension processing time 4-6 months from the receiving date or fingerprint review date? USCIS received our case on Aug 26th, 2019, fingerprinting was completed on sept 20th. It is being processed in the California center. The fact that there is no official way to track the progress of your case is very stressful especially when you are nearing the EAD expiration date.

Thank you!

Hi @adutt

The time can be considered from the receipt date.

Some people have got H4 EAD approval faster if they have upgraded their H1B to premium after biometric completion.

I see, the H1B was filed in premium processing only which is already approved. So, i don’t think we can avail that option anymore. I guess we’d have to wait till next year. Thank you!