What is the current processing time for H1B and H4 Extension?

My family have a valid visa stamped till May 2023. We have to travel to India to attend my brother marriage in June 2nd week of 2023. Considering that, 6months before VISA expiry, Nov 29th, 2022 the H1B and H4 extension (together) was filed under the regular processing. It seems the Premium processing helps to expedite only for H1B and there is no way the H4 processing can be expedited.

We are in a confusion mode on making travel arrangements due to the uncertainty on Visa processing timeline as well as securing Visa Stamping appointments in India. We dont want to miss my brother wedding in June.

  1. Any idea currently how much time it takes by USCIS to process the H1B and H4 visa extension, will they approve H4 while processing H1B?
  2. It is challenging to get Visa Stamping appointments, and I dont have the receipt number at this moment, Am I allowed to secure an appointment with old receipt number and later can it be updated in DS160 and USTravelDocs site with the latest receipt number (once i got the receipt number for the extension application)? Just to make sure I got the appointment date secured. Is this possible in first place?

Any suggestions or thoughts on this are much appreciated guys.

You can check processing time for specific USCIS center processing your applications.

Note that H4 do not need their I-797 approval notice for visa stamping. In fact, H4 must use primary H1B I-797 for H4 stamping.

Yes, you can submit DS-160 with your current I-797 and update/ submit new DS-160 once your H1B extension is approved and before you appear for interview or dropbox.

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