What is the date format to be followed while filling annexure-e affidavit?


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Indian date format or its better to write month name clearly to avoid confusion on annexure e.

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The online Annexure E form from VFS global website only allows MM/DD/YY format though if you try to fill in the dates in the computer: https://visa.vfsglobal.com/one-pager/india/united-states-of-america/passport-services/pdf/annexure-e-mandatory.pdf.

Anyone else faced issues using the MM/DD/YY format for this document that it seems to expect?

I filled it as dd-mmm-yyyy e.g. 03 Mar, 1995. It was accepted. BTW, I had recreated the form in Word Doc and filled all the details, before taking a print of it.

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Yes I am also trying to fill the form and it says mm/dd/yy format for the form if you try to fill directly via the form link…

SO should we recreate the form in WORD doc, and then enter the required info?? Is that acceptable?