What is the estimated time if priority date is June 2022

What is the estimated time to get green card if priority date is June 2022


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Lol :joy: it’s showing 2082 after around 80 years. Is that true?

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Is that true it will take 80 years according to that tool?

Are you new to the US immigration system?

If yes, then it will take some time for you to understand how it works and why the tool is predicting 80 years for Indians.


Okay, Thank you!
I’m not new to Immigration system but I just want to know technically will it take that long? Can you please tell us your prediction on this( how many years for PD June 2022)? I know we have country quota

The tool does the calculations based on data and is not there merely for fun.

Unless the US immigration law is changed to remove per county caps, there is no way you will get the GC in even the next 80 years.

I strongly suggest getting Canada/Australia or UK PR as a backup before you turn 39. After 39, their doors will also start closing if you keep waiting for US law to change.

The fight to remove the country-based caps is going on for more than 12 years now and it has yielded zero results.

*Note: I am not a lawyer. All this is my personal opinion based on my understanding. Please make your decisions based on your best judgement.


This tool is overly discouraging though there is no way EB 2 June 2015 PD for example is going to take another 6 years, maybe the app is expecting brutal retrogression but that’s not based in anything other than guesswork.

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Even for Jan 2016 PD it’s showing around 2043 year. I’m not sure how the tool is calculating. Should be believe this tool?

Its your choice to believe it or not.

If you don’t believe it, then do your own mathematics and let us also know if its working better for you.

If you understand how US immigration works, you will have realistic expectations.

The tool can predict a different date if the situation changes (like spillover from COVID-19 etc) or if the US law is changed.

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Okay, I’m not believing this tool!!

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But why Australia/Canada if US is a distant dream…why not any emerging market…

Because getting PR is easy as compared to the US and most Indians choose from these two as alternative to the US.
Yes you can choose any other country you wish to go work/settle/ make your home, totally your choice.

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That everyone knows…the actual intent of question was different but anyway good luck :crossed_fingers: