What is the new process for H1B Dropbox

I need some guidance on recent change in Dropbox appointment process. After 01 Oct 2023, dropbox appointments will only eligible in Chennai Visa Center. Can someone share details what is this new process and can submit my document to any visa center?


You can submit documents at any dropbox location.

The only difference is that they will process all submissions at Chennai embassy only.

It should not make any difference to you as an applicant.

Thanks Anil for your reply, this is very helpful. Followup Question: Can you please share the dropbox location link addresses.

Hi Anil - Does this mean I can book an appointment at any available consulate or embassy nationwide and submit documents at any other local consulate without waiting for slots to open up at my local consulate?

For example, I book a dropbox appointment for 5 Jan '24 in Chennai, but I can still drop my documents at New Delhi during the same time slot?

Yes, you can submit.

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Question on H4 dropbox. Is it must for H4 (spouse) to physically present on dropbox appointment day in visa center? or H1 (myself) can drop documents on her behalf ? because my H4 can’t travel to visa location for dropbox.