What is the status of perm processing time for Texas for 2023?


Here is the summary of my current status:

  • My PERM application is submitted in Texas on Nov 20th, 2023.
  • Now it’s over the mid of May 2023, the FLAG org site is showing current processing applications from July 2022.
  • I can stay in US till Sept end as I am going to be completed 6Years on my H1B (including my recapturing days which are going to be file by next month for Sept 30th. I can’t collect more days from outside since my current H1B is expiring in July 10th).
  • Here on am22tech it is showing estimated time of approval would be July 03rd, 2023 (which is totally mismatching the calculations with FLAG org).
  • My attorney says it’s not guarantee to get my PERM and I-140 approvals till Sept 2023 (less hopes because the current processing time is longer than usual).

Now I am so confused what will happen. No idea what to do.

Any guidance would make me some relief and appreciated in advance.

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same boat so i have moved to Canada for time being, its taking long time


Hhmm. This is very hard time in this situation. Thanks for the reply and I think I also need to plan for it.

BTW in this case, once I-140 and Extension approved, can we get the VISA stamping from Canada or need to go to India for it?
If Canada possible, then any challenges to get it clear the stamping? I am totally new for this so trying to get the possibilities.


we can stamp from the Canada once we get the I140 no need to go to India, not sure about the clear the stamping but most of the guys got stamping as if we have I140 approved doc

hope we may get the drop box

do you know when is your perm approval ?

Ok cool. At least we have hopes on it to get i-140 approval here and stamping in Canada. Thanks for the update.

Not sure. Mixed reactions from all. My attorney is under confidence that it will go over Sept-Oct without audit. I do not have that much period in my hand. So very very tight situation.

yeah, My attorney is saying august month may get the result. where are you now ? still in the usa ?

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yeah i have gone through same situation buddy, its really worst and so far i did not like canada, if i dont hear anything i may move to india,

Hey any update you get about your perm

I am in US only. Still have few months for max out. But will not get 365 days benefit

ok. I see. Because last year only I got the stamping and I hope that will come before it.

hhmm. same here…but no clear picture so have in in-balance state.

No. Nothing. I don’t think still it is been taken for the processing. because it displaying July processing only…on flag.