What Next after Welcome Letter received

Hi @anil_am22 & @hnjoshi,

My family almost about to receive Welcome letter under F4 Family based preference.
Could you please advise for Next step?

Case Details:
Received I-797 Notice of action
Recipient Date: Feb,2008
Priority Date: Jan,2008
Noticed Date: May,2010

Could you please explain CSPA (Child Status Protection Act.) in Simple manner? I already been checked CSPA age calculation formula, but it makes me very confused.

My family have 4 child with current aged as er below.

Kindly please help me out.

Vishal Patel

Hi men !
How are you ?
Is your case still pending in uscis ?

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Hi @Xhei_Ndoj,

Yes, our case is still pending. We called to NVC as well and asked about status. NVC said our case is not open yet. Means not ready for issuing Welcome letter.

What could be your suggestions or advise on this?

My notice date is november 2011(us citizen filing brother) and I am still waiting to get my case approved by USCIS.

Hi @Xhei_Ndoj,

My notice date is May,2010 and as per my understanding this could be take time to get approved nearly one more year.

@anil_am22 and @hnjoshi might be can able to advise on this.