What step has to take after ACS Rejection?

I worked in australia for couple of months less than 1 year on work permit (457) and my nominated occupation is software engineer(261313) as per the IMMI Grant.

Now i am planning for PR. As an initial step i have applied for my skill assessment in ACS (261313).

Though my education background is Electrical and electronics engineering , i have 8 years of real time experience in software domain.

I have submitted my RPL which consists of my genuine real time projects and written by me without any consultancy support. All my work experience is with one company.

Recently my friend ACS got rejected and stating that RPL Issue. Now my tension has doubled. If i face the same situation then how i should proceed?

The next steps will depend on rejection reason. I cannot guess the reason.

Hi Anil,

Yesterday i have received my ACS Result as negative. I have asked explanation to my case officer. The below response i have received today. Though i have 457 visa with same nominated occupation, i have not mentioned any where in my application.

Could you please suggest me if i approach MARA agent, can they help me? Please explain me the response as well.

Your RPL was assessed as not suitable as the assessor found evidence of substantial plagiarism.

If you would like to have your application re-assessed you will need to lodge a new application and provide a revised RPL form ensuring all the information is written in your own words.

Hi @deepthi

Case officer is saying that you have copied the RPL report from somewhere. They are saying that it is not genuine.

Did you use any agent to create RPL for your case or copied it from somewhere on internet?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your explanation.

I have got one sample RPL from local agent and i have modified that RPL document with my current Projects. My work and Projects are genuine but some how i misguided.

I have written my project scope in my words but some of the sections i left as it is.

The Key Areas of Knowledge – Section 1 2 - Most of the content i have not changed.

The Project Report Forms – Section 2 - Completely changed and updated with real time experience.

After this response from ACS , can i apply again?
Any such cases succeeded after RPL rejection?
If i process properly with MARA agent can i get positive outcome?

MARA agent cannot do anything for you unless you write the project report yourself.

If you can write the RPL in your words, you can apply again and get positive result.

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Hi Anil,

Please help me regarding RPL ACS rejected due to plagiarism.
The report says not accessed due to plagiarism in RPL.
Can I reapply after getting RPL prepared by an expert.
Previously I got it reviewed by the freelancer RPL expert hired by migration agent whom they said has 100 percent positive response.
But my result came negative…I am not sure how to proceed further.
Kindly suggest…it would be great help.

Hi Anil,

We are also facing the same issue regarding RPL rejected due to plagiarism. We tried to paraphrase the words but still have a doubt if ACS will document our rejected RPL and use it for further plagiarism check? Do we need to rephrase the entire content of our rejected document including the project details?

Hi Anil,

I have received my ACS assessment yesterday and it has been assessed negative due to Plagiarism in RPL, I think it may be due to some content that I have copied from the internet regarding my project, If I rewrite the RPL again in my own word so it will consider as positive.

They said “You can appeal to ACS regarding their assessment if you feel that you’ve not done any plagiarism in the RPL. We have 60 days from the time the report has been issued. Please keep in mind that ACS has a lot of sources to check if the report has been copied”

Hi Anil,

I have a quick question. If I get rejected on my ACS assessment, can I apply to the visa without including my experience? Does it keep you from applying for a while?


It depends on what visa you are applying for.
If it is dependent on work experience points, then ACS assessment would be required at some point in the process.