When to apply for L2 EAD renewal, as the L2 extension is pending

Currently my friend is staying in USA on a dependent L2 Visa and she had her L2 EAD.

  • Her L2 Visa & EAD expired on Sep 7 2020.

  • Her spouse’s L1 Visa also expired on Sep 7 2020. Her husbands employer have submitted for L1 visa extension on regular processing.

  • She have applied for L2 Visa extension (sent her application along with the same packet of her husbands L1 Visa extension application)

  • They have received their receipt numbers and their applications are still pending with USCIS.

What is the earliest date she can submit her EAD renewal/extension application ? Can she submit now ? or Should she wait until her L2 Visa extension is approved ?

She can file L2 EAD even when L1 and L2 extension are pending.