When to send PTE scores to Australia Immigration?

Hi Anil,

My husband and I took PTE exam in Feb. We got the invitation on July 11th. We uploaded all documents including PTE report card. (which cannot be notorised). Kindly let us know whether we need to send the scores proactively or immigration can validate the score with the information provided. Many people have suggested that we can send the PTEscores only once.
Note: Case officer is not yet assigned
Thanks and regards

Hi @Asha_Joseph

PTE gives you the option of sending the PTE scores to Australia Immigration at the time of creating the test appointment or creating the account itself.

Didn’t you choose to send the score automatically at that time?

If not, then i suggest to send the scores now or as early as possible. Do not wait for CO contact.

If you wait for case officer to ask for it, you will delay your application yourself.

Hi Anil,

Thank you for all your help.
I guess I chose the option to send the scores automatically.


You are fine then. The results would have been shared automatically.