Where to find PERM processing status

I am trying to see what’s the current processing time for PERM. I reached this link AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration . I see lots of people with written “H1B” in their case. Does this mean that they had H1B when they applied for the PERM or does this mean that they applied for H1B? Why would having an H1B impact the PERM processing?

Having an H1B does not impact PERM processing time.

It only means that they are currently in the US on H1B visa status.

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Ok, so the link I was looking at is the correct link to look at the processing time for PERM. Even if it says “H1B” it just means that these are people applying for PERM currently under H1B. Is this correct?

I am quite surprised because according to this website right now DOL is processing application sent in December. But according to DOL website Processing Times | Flag.dol.gov almost all of the PERM applications sent in December were already processed on June 30th.

Any comment on this?

I see different processing times:

  • According to DOL, applications sent in January are being processed
  • According to the live tracker here, application sent in December are being processed. But according to DOL, most of them have been processed in June

Is it normal that the two websites report different data?

You were referring to PWD not PERM in DOL website.

Why do you think that I am referring to PWD?
I was looking at PERM:
Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 4.49.52 PM|690x418
Most of the applications from December were supposed to be already processed on 06/30

Oh, so that’s the PWD for PERM?

I have another question. On this page Current PERM Processing Time 2022 (Check Case Status) - USA I see that a PERM sent on Jan 6th has been approved. But on this page
but here AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration it seems that we are still stuck at December. Why don’t the two data match?

The Apps shows the cases and data entered by users for their own cases.

The www website shows the approvals that are estimated based on various forums and DOL website (estimated) approval figures. Note that this is an estimated date.