Which ANZSCO code to choose - 3 yr Software Engineer, 5 yr as Support Engineer

Hi Team,

I have worked on 2 roles in 2 different companies.

Initial 2.8 years of work experience as a Software Engineer, and then,
5 years as Support Engineer (with very minor software engineer tasks)

Education: B.E Computer Science

Based on your experience, could you let me know whether it is advisable to go for ICT Software engineer ANZSCO code rather than ICT Support Engineer?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Your work experience will be assessed according to the roles and responsibilities you mention in your work experience (referral letters) against the ANZSCO code you choose.

If ACS determines that your work experience does not meet the roles and responsibilities of the ANZSCO code, they will not consider it.

How you convince ACS to consider the work experience with your reference letters is up to you.

Hope this helps



Hi @zorb

In addition to what @v.chow has suggested, the ACS will completely ignore the work experience that does not match the ANZSCO code that you select.

You can only select one code at a time.


Thanks Anil, that was exactly my confusion.
As I understand, If I choose ICT Support Engineer ANZSCO code along with RnRs for the same role, then my 2.8 years of software engineer is completely ignored. Correct?


Yes, that’s correct. ACS will not count your 2.8 years.

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Besides ACS ignoring the 2.8 years experience, they will also deduct a certain number years from eligible experience

Refer to : ACS Work Experience 2, 4 or 6 year Deduction Calculation - AM22 Tech


Thanks a lot v.chow and Anil. You guys perfectly cleared the doubts I had.

1 more confirmation: ACS looks into the RnRs only or are they more concerned on the Designation?
For Example: For the ICT Support Engineer designation, I do certain tasks of software engineer as well in my RnRs. But since the designation doesn’t mention that, will there be any problem that you are aware of from your experience?

Thanks a ton guys.


RnRs are key.
Designation does not hold much importance to my knowledge
We live in a “devops” world now… right ? :grinning:
Roles and Responsibilities always overlap !

Good Luck :wink:


Excellent. Thank you :smiley: