Which I-94 to use in DS-160

Hi There,
I’m planning to visit India in April and return in Mid May. I’m not sure which I-94 I should use.
If I’ll use the new one in DS-160, would officer accept it while checking?
If I use the old one in DS-160 and not get stamped based on new I-94 while entering USA. Wouldn’t I’ll be out of status in Aug 09, 2023.

1st I-94- Current H4 is Nov 03, 2022 - Aug 09, 2023
2nd I-94- Another H4 is approved but validity starting from Aug 10, 2023 - Oct 02, 2024

Your thought will be appreciated!

H4 derivative applicant must use the principle H1B I-797 for their visa stamping. You can put the current I-797 in the principle information and also carry to the interview or submit to dropbox the copy of H1B I-797 extension approval.

Based on the timing, if you enter the US before the start of your extended H4 I-94, the CBP may issue I-94 till your current I-94 that ends on Aug 9 in which case your extended I-94 attached to the H4 I-797 starting Aug 9 will take effect. They do this to maintain same I-94 # if the person already have extension approval.