White slip with form 221g administrative processing

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I had my interview on 11th june 2019 and after interview he gave me white slip with 221g stating that Your application still require admin processing and he returned my passport and kept LCA and client letter with him.

And he told me that i will receive an email in couple of weeks.

Any idea about this.

please help me on this.


Can you share your white slip?

Which visa type is it?

You can read the form 221g reasons and real stories of people who got approval.

H1 B Visa

here im attaching my white slip with tick marked the option with admin processing


Hi @laxman1112

I cannot help with any meaningful answer unless you share your visa type and questions asked by visa officer.

Hi Anil gupta,

its H1B visa

Co: R you xxxxx
Me: Yes:

Co: Ru from so and so company
Me: Yes:

Co: do u have end tier
Me: yes and mentioned the client name

co: what do u do at client place
Me: i mentioned my roles and responsibilities

Co: What is your salary
Me: i mentioned my $ salary

Co: Asked about client letter, LCA and Petition approval
Me: Provided all

That’s it

He kept LCA and Client letter and returned my passport to me and said like your application requires admin processing and will get back to you through email in couple of weeks

please let me know if you need more info Anil


Hi @laxman1112

Since, they have returned your passport, the chances are high that it is going to take more than 8 weeks of processing.

US embassy probably wants to verify your end client and your employer’s credentials.

Dear @Anil.Gupta ,

Good morning, I have a visa situation and need your help, here are the details.

I went to US in April 2016 with employer A, and Employer A closed the business in Aug 2017 so i have joined Employer B in Aug 2017, my amendment got approved after that Employer B applied for extension in Aug 2018 and extension got approved till Aug 2021,

now i came to India to visit my parents on Aug 23rd 2019, and went for drop box. today i have got my passport back with white slip

and asked me to come for interview (second option is checked)

attached is the white slip for your reference, i work on EVC model and my client wont provide client letter, i have letter from Prime vendor and also SOW, could you please let me know, in general what are all the documents i need to carry( just asking as noting is mentioned in the white slip)

  1. prime vendor letter
  2. SOW
  3. pay-stubs and W2
  4. LCA , i 129 / complete petition.
  5. i 797 new and old
  6. education docs

are there any specific documents that need to carry in support of white slip ?
and also they have asked me to carry 221g appointment letter, I am assuming it is same as above (one i have attached above) if not could you please let me know what is 221 g appointment letter ?

Thanks a lot for your help and time


The document list looks good to me. I would strongly suggest to get the client letter as it might be asked by visa officer.
Try to convince your employer and client that it is needed.

The while slip form 221g is what you need to take with you to the US embassy for interview. There is no other appointment letter. Do not worry.

Thank you Anil, really appreciate your help and time.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Till now i haven’t received any information from consulate reg my AP update.
But USCIS came up with some questions to my client and they have replied back to that email a a month ago

Do we have any deadline or period of time that consulate have to respond and close my case?

Please let me know if you have any idea.


Hi @laxman1112

There is no fixed time-frame or deadline. US embassy can take any amount of time.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I came for a vacation to India and went for H1b stamping in Nov 2019. The interviewer asked me some basic questions about the employer and I answered everything just fine but was given 221g white slip with the second option checked. A day later, someone from embassy called me on phone and asked to submit list of employees, client contract details and the point of contact of the current clients. I had submitted everything on the very next day. USCIS had contacted the clients, and my employer with some questions in the span of next 4 weeks. Upon contacting USCIS later, we understood that they got all the information they needed and the case was sent back to consulate/embassy at end of Dec 2019 (40 days from interview). It’s been 70 days so far from interview date and 30 days since the case was sent back to consulate. I have 2 questions:

  • Any idea about the timeline in such cases?
  • When the USCIS said they got all the information they needed and sent the case back to consulte/embassy, does it imply positive response?

Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @221gwhite

Have you checked the CEAC case status website and has the ‘last updated’ date changed there?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Thanks for responding. I’ve been checking the CEAC status and the date has never changed from the initial Nov 2019 date.

Hi @221gwhite

In that case, it seems that US embassy is holding the application and is probably doing more checks.

I suggest to email embassy and ask for status. Sometimes, when they get email, they pick up the application and move it forward. It may or may not work but there is no harm in trying.

Okay sure. I hope that speed up the process. Thanks!