Who is Primary applicant, Petitioner & receipt number for H4 Ds-160

Primary applicant, Petitioner and receipt number for Ds-160?

Hello, I am currently applying for my H4 stamping in india. My H4 was approved while I was in the USA. Should I mention my receipt number on the form? and what should be primary applicant? me or my husband?

You are the primary applicant of your H4 visa stamp. Your application is dependent on your spouse’s H1B.

H4 petition was approved in US and not H4 visa. Visa stamp is given by US embassy which you are applying for now.

That makes sense, just to reiterate:

Principle Applicant’s Name: My self
Principle Applicant’s Visa Class: H4
Petitioner name: My husband’s company
Receipt Number: my husbands’s i797 number

Have a similar situation , I am on H1b have transferred to new company but didn’t transfer spouse and child H4 as their current H4 are still valid for a couple of years ,they are going for stamping in India .

Now while booking appointment for their H4 visa stamping , is the following correct ?

Principle Applicant’s Name: H4 person’s name
Principle Applicant’s Visa Class: H4

Petitioner Name : should be H1b current employer or old previous employer who filed for the dependents earlier ?
Petition Receipt : H1b current employer petition receipt or H4 person’s receipt which was valid ?

The H1B details should be the one that they are using to apply H4 visa.

If you are working for the new employer at this time, then all H1B details should be from new employer.