Whom should resignation letter be addressed – TCS Onsite HR, RMG and PL/GL’s

Well, I am an old TCS employee and time has come for me to say goodbye. I plan to quit from Onsite (LATAM).

My first question to all you experts – to whom should the resignation letter be addressed – Onsite HR, RMG and PL/GL’s. I do not have plans to go back to India.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

It should be addessed to your onsite BRM and onsite HR.

I have sent my resignation letter to TCS.

I am currently based out in Colombia. The local HR at onsite will initiate the separation process only related to the clearance of Admin, IS and stuff like that.

My question is who is responsible for sending those forms related to PF withdrawal etc… i mean the local hr over here would only give me the local clearance from here.

Appreciate your response.

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The corporate HR will handle your full and final settlement.

Local HR will only take care of reliving and visa formalities.

Is there any penalty amount that we need to pay in case we resign at onsite in TCS ?