Why EB2 cases not moving forward Green card

Example of my case
Nebraska service center
priority date EB2 Dec 2011
I485 applied in Dec 2021 (when date got current in EB2)
never upgraded or downgraded.
medical filed
biometric done in Feb 2022
I havent received EAD or GC or even bitometric status not updated yet online.

Based on USCIS latest action, EB2 queue appears to be empty and hence they are inviting more and more applicants to apply in EB2. But why cases like me are not moving? Why are they not picking up for example above case if EB2 queue is empty.

It looks like after 485 is filed EB2 / EB3 queue doen’t matter - all applications are in one big pile and they sometimes work last in first out or last in last out or some random order.

Please enlighten your analysis or guestimate on when can i expect EAD or Can’t they directly issue GC if everything is clear and submitted?

I don’t think USCIS will issue EAD/AP as your date is already current. If your file is documentarily complete i.e. any RFEs answered, biometric & medical submitted, then you should expect your GC anytime now. My suggestion is to submit a request to your senator to expedite if you don’t see any changes on your case status by end of April.

Thanks ! yes I think the same - is there any format or sample letter to senator

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Just go to your state senator website and they will have a web form that you can fill out and submit.