Will 18 months be sufficient for PERM and i140 approval?


My PERM process (from PWD till 140 approval) will start in Oct 2019 and my H1 max out date is Feb 2021. Say suppose i take 2 months vacation before my max out date and i recapture those 2 months. Total i will have around 20 months for max out date from my PERM process start date. Will that be sufficient enough to get my PERM (worst case it goes to AUDIT) and i140 approval?


As per my estimates, 12-13 months are good enough to complete the whole PWD, PERM and then i140 process.

You are fine.

I have given my detailed break up for employment based green card process here.

Thank you. What if my PERM is audited? will that time frame be still sufficient

In case of PERM Audit, you can ad another 3-4 months time to the total.