Will I be eligible for Dropbox if I change employer?

Hi Anil,

My extension got approved with current employer and am eligible for Dropbox.

If I visit to India till Jun 2020, If I change employer, still am eligible for dropbox or not? Please let me know.

Bala Garjala

The change of employer has nothing to do with Dropbox. You should remain eligible for dropbox if you are currently eligible.

Thank you Sir.

currently H4 EAD extension is in process, if I change employer, is any impact on H4EAD process or Is we need to initiate from starting (means, after H1 employment transfer, need to file H4 with new employer and H4 EAD)? Please suggest me, whether I need to wait till H4 EAD process completion before moving to new employer. Thank You.

I wanted to know if i am eligible for h1B drop box for visa stamping.

I came to US in March 2017 for employer A visa valid till sep 2019.
I did h1 transfer for employer B and I797 is approved till Oct 2022.

Now i am planning to go for india for visa stamping and wanted to know if I am eligible for drop box.
This is my first h1b renewal (completed first 3years). Please let me know.

Hi @lvp_y2
You can check if you are eligible for dropbox using this page.


I had a employer change in 03/19 and my H1B visa already stamped on my passport was valid until 08/19. If I plan for a stamping in 04/20, would I be eligible for drop box, given my current H1 expired in the last one year.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gowti23

Please read my answer above.

Thanks you, Anil :slight_smile: