Will I need visa stamping?


I am traveling to India March end and will be returning back to the US May end.

I have valid H4 visa stamped till October 2024. My husband who is a H1b holder got his new i797 till April 2025 and along with him i also got my NEW H4 document till April 2025.

Now that I have a valid visa stamp for h4 till October 2024 and my new h4 document is till April 2025, will I need a new visa stamping (and get it stamped till april 2025) to re-enter the US?

Please please advise.

Thank you in advance.



You can use the existing H4 visa stamp to return to the US.

No need to get a new visa stamp.

Thank you @anil_am22 ! Truly appreciate your prompt response to the query.

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