Will Marriage Points reduce change after receiving invite?

If you apply as single… you have to stay single until you get your grant you can’t add any dependent or get married until then(if u do it will be a rejection). Think about it logically why would DHA give single points if they would allow you to just get married add a spouse after ur invite, it defeats the whole purpose of single points.

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@Zeon - Do you have any link to back this up? I am really confused :3


Hi @Guneet_Katlaria

Immigration cannot question as to why you did not get married before the ‘invite’. It is in your legal right to marry on a date and time of your choice.

They can only question as to why you mentioned single if you both were in ‘de facto’ relationship. Australia legally recognizes the pre-marital living together as a genuine relationship.

So, the onus is on you to prove it wrong or choose the correct relationship status in your EOI.


I called the DHA, They said I need to let them know of my relationship status as soon as it changes. For us, since we have only been living together for 5 months now, we are not in de-facto relationship and need not update the DHA. DHA told us we can marry after lodging the visa and add my partner as a dependent using form 1463.

This offers some relief to us. Thanks @Anil.Gupta for your answers. Your response was in line with what the DHA advised.


Hi @Anil.Gupta can you please share any evidence to back this up. I know what you said above was there before nov 16 I’m not sure it holds after nov 16 as well. Looking forward for a evidences where you saw this

@Anil.Gupta can you please respond there is some change today as i see in EOI

Posted on: 15/04/2020 at 10:58

Under the Department of Home Affairs policy, the relationship status of ‘engaged’ is considered ‘No Partner’ in SkillSelect. From 16 November 2019, 10 points are awarded to the category of ‘No Partner’. Please note, if you have selected ‘engaged’ in your EOI but include a partner in your visa application, you will likely be refused.

Hi @Amith_Naik

Please ask specific question. What do you want to know? The message that you have shared is clear.

Can i marry after invitation and before grant can i add spouse and So we both can get pr ( taking into account spouse doesn’t satisy any Nov 16 Rules) just adding her after invite will reduce my points and therefore visa application.

It seems that they will refuse the application if you add spouse after invitation and before getting grant.

@Anil.Gupta so I think we can still marry after invitation but before grant and add spouse as dependant correct?

Did you read all of it? Your understanding is wrong.

So please tell me

Whether now I can marry after invitation or its not at all possible before grant so that my visa will be refused for marriage ( considering I’m only talking wrt Australian pr stuff and nothing else). Yes marriage is a personal choice :blush:

hi sir. my situation is Im engaged claimed 10pts. but my non defacto fiance and child are NOT migrating with me. will there be a problem? but i Will be declaring them on form 80. please guide me.

What kind of problem are you thinking about?

Your question is not clear.

i’m confused about the technicality. It says engaged= no partner does it mean that as long as you dont add a partner on your visa application there won’t be a problem?. But you can declare your fiance/child in your application just dont include her as migrating? Is that correct?

Who is saying all this? Any immigration agent?


What if one stated his status as engaged prior to EOI , 491 nomination application and visa application, and then got married after visa application and informed DHA of the change of status. what could probably be his fate? Knowing that EOI awards 10pts for being engaged.

You should inform the visa agency as and when you get married. They will take it into account and process accordingly.

No issues.

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Thanks for the reply. I already did that and they updated my status. I am only worried that doing this would reduce my points at the point of the case officer assessing my application.