Will skillselect automatically increase points for work experience or I have to manually do it?

Hello @Anil.Gupta

I wanted to ask you regarding the work exp query for 189 visa. I have filed my EOI on 16/07/2019 with 80 points for Job code-254415.

At that time, I had 4.6 years of overseas experience so I got 5 points for that. Now, In Feb, 2020, I will be completing total of 5 years in my nominated occupation hence in total I will get 10 points for my overseas experience.

So I was wondering whether skillselect will automatically update my points and increase it to 85 or do I have to manually do it? As I read somewhere that your EOI calculates points automatically. Thanks in Advance!

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Skillselect system will automatically update and increase your work experience points if you have kept the current employment’s end date BLANK in your EOI.

If you have entered an end date for current employment, then you will have to update EOI manually.

Thanks Anil! Yes, I have kept my current employment date blank so i guess it should automatically update next month. Thanks for your reply.

Hello @Anil.Gupta

I checked my Skillselect account today and saw that the EOI has been updated automatically and my points have now been increased as 85 for 189 & 90 for 190 with D.O.E as 05/01/2020.

So, now my DOE has changed from 16/07/2019 to 5/01/2020. I was thinking that if the EOI gets automatically updated so my D.O.E will remain the same, Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, I’m completing 5 years next month but skillselect has already updated that this month, does this create any problem?

The correspondence which I have received from skillselect states the following:

“Your EOI may have changed in eligibility or points score. This could be due to reaching an age milestone, or due to
changes the regulations for a subclass you have expressed interest in.”
But I believe I have received the updated points because of completion of my 5 years as overseas work exp.

Can you please answer this for me?
Many Thanks!

Hi @negi

The date of effect will always change if your points are changing.

The total years of work experience are counted based on the dates you have entered by system automatically.
So, it cannot be wrong. Just check that you have entered the dates correctly if you think you are completing 5 years next month.

That Skillselect message is a generic one and is same for all EOI automatic updates.

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Hello @Anil.Gupta

I just re did the calculations for my work experience and realized yes I did complete 5 years this month. I actually missed out on the days and was just adding the years so that’s why got mistaken.

Also, I believe people with higher points will be considered by DHA for 189 irrespective of their D.O.E. Is that correct? Though I’m not sure if I will be getting one within the next few months but still wanted to clarify on this. I’m sitting at 85 points for 189 with D.O.E as 05/01/2020.


Date of effect is considered while inviting and higher points are given first preference and then the date.

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Hi Anil,

I got my ACS outcome as bellow…

I just want to confirm from you that according to this result, I can claim 10 points for experience from 9 April 2012 to present, which is 7 years 10 months. And after 2 months, my points will automatically be 15 (8 years total).

Please let me know if my understanding is correct and I can submit my EOI according to this calculation.

Hi @anonymous39

Please read my response above.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

My current EOI DOE is 27.11.2019. After March 4, 2020, the system will add 5 more points in my experience.

My current 189 is 90 points, so after March 4, it will be 95 points. However, according to you the DOE will be March 4, 2020.

Is the change in my DOE will delay my invitation? My job code is 233914 Engineering Technologist.

I will be eager to have your response. Thank you in advance!

The invite is sent based on date of effect. If date of effect changes due to points change, then, yes, you can say that invite will be delayed or expedited based on your points.

Thanks a lot for your response.