Will spouse age 50 help get points post november 2019 rule change

hello team,

I would like to seek your advice on the chances and possibility of the invitation when the new point system will be in place in November 2019.

I am aged 36 and my partner 50, so obviously I will be the primary applicant. The new point system does not mention anything about the age, so will I be able to claim the points for my spouse for language (having superior level) and with positive skill assessment (getting the docs at the moment)?

With regards to my ACS assessment, though my roles and responsibilities match with 261311 and 261312, which one should I go for? With the current point system, I will get 75 with -
Age: 25
Language: 20
Bachelor Degree: Electronics and Communications 15
Work Experience (over 14 years): 15

I would appreciate your response to my query. Eager to hear from you.

Thank you!

Hi @zizuo

I don’t think you can claim points for spouse post november as the age criteria is still applicable.

Have you got the education and work assessment done already?

Thanks for your reply Anil! I have just submitted mine to ACS today. They say it will take about 45 days to complete it. I am not sure about what my realistic chances would be. Please help and guide me.


Hi @zizuo

With the August 2019 unofficial results, it looks like getting a 189 invite with 75 points is going to be really tough if the low invite trend continues.

80 is the new 75 level now.

Oh! Doesn’t look positive for me despite best efforts :(. Lets see how it goes after my ACS report is received.

And, btw, regarding additional points for STEM degree, do we have any info on whether it is applicable for bachelor’s degree? This carries 15 points I heard. Can you please enlighten me?


Hi @zizuo

Bachelor and masters are counted as same for Australia PR points.

Hi Anil - I got my ACS assessment done last month and it came out positive, so able to claim 15 points. That brings my total to 75 points, but still cannot claim spouse points only because of age.

With 75 points for 189 and 80 for 190, what is the trend going to be, and will I have any chance of getting an invitation? My EOI profile was filed on sept 25th 2019?

Kindly please let me know.


Hi @zizuo

The chance of invite with 75 points are still low. Have you explored all options to increase your points?

thanks for your reply anil! there is nothing I can think of to increase the points. any suggestions you have?

if age was not the factor then I could have claimed max points for my spouse. I can send you a PM regarding my situation, please let me know if its ok.


Hi @zizuo

Sorry, i do not reply on private messages.

Hi Anil !- thanks I understand. please let me know if you have any suggestions on increasing the score.


Hi @zizuo

This Australia PR points calculator can suggest options.

Hi Anil - Just thought of informing you that I just had my profile updated with my spouse’s language points. Apparently, there is no age restriction to claim just the language points. With this, my 189 now is 80 points. my EOI was first submitted on Sept 25th.

I hope to get an invite with 80 points for 261311 (Analyst Programmer).

Hi Anil - One question: since I was able to claim points for my spouse and profile is updated accordingly, the effective date of EOI has been changed, so how much of an impact would this cause as I lost the priority date (date of initial submit of EOI Sept 25 2019).

Also, with 80 points for 189 and 85 for 190 for 261311 ANZSCO is there a real shot in getting an invite in your opinion?

80 points is a good score but probably many people have got the same upgrade as you.

The Dec draw would define the new trend. I would wait for it to estimate anything.

thanks Anil for your response!

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