Will TCS cancel H1B visa if I switch company from India?

Hi Anil

I have H1b valid for 2 more years and I am coming to offshore next week. If I switch company from India will TCS cancel H1B visa and how many days mandatory notice period have to be served before leaving the company.

After 60 days of reporting offshore and serving a month notice period enough for getting a clean exit from TCS.
Please reply.

I would NOT recommend to go back to offshore and then switching the company. It would be really tough and almost impossible for you to switch company if you plan to come back on H1B again.

Yes, TCS will immediately apply for cancellation of your H1B after your last day with them. You can still use the H1B transfer though with any other employer from India.

Do you already have some company who is transferring your H1B while you are here in USA? If yes, it is better to join the new company here itself without going back. The choice is yours.

As far as clean exit is concerned, yes going back and serving the full notice period is one option. The other option is to buy out and get the full and final settlement done.
Choice is yours.

Is it possible for the new joining company to transfer my visa to them without TCS knowledge till the last day .

The H1B transfer is completely anonymous. No one can intimate your current company except YOU.
USCIS never shares this information with current H1B holding company.

This is the normal process that everybody follows.

Does it mean unless i tell them my H1B is getting transferred to other company , TCS wont be able to know.

If this is the case new employee can do my h1b transfer from India and once it is done i can resign from TCS and still my h1b is valid

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Yes. As I said, it is possible but quite a long and tough process. Its your choice.

If the new company is ready to transfer in premium processing then will it take more than 2-3 months?

Premium processing takes only 15 days from start to finish.

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By doing H1B transfer from India is there need to go for visa stamping from any consulates in India.
Thanks very much for sharing the informationā€¦

You will need a new H1B visa stamp in your passport if the current or old h1B visa stamp has expired. If TCS H1B visa stamp has not expired, then you can reuse it without any issue.

Hi Anil ,

Appreciate your clarifying of peopleā€™s doubts. Thanks for that ,I have one query .Will the current employers not be notified at any time during the transfer process done by new company ? If they do get to know , do they have any right to prosecute the associate for this ?

The current employer will not be notified anyone unless you tell them yourself. Some companies do run background checks and they might contact your old colleagues (if you provide their name and contact) for verification purposes.

There is no ā€˜Prosecutionā€™. It is legal to change employer on an H1B visa. No need to worry.

after I changed job from employer A to employer B while in US, if i travel to india and come back to US ? should i get stamped compulsorily ? since my visa is associated with employer A and its valid for another 8 months. getting visa slot is night mare now , so please advise. another situation is employer A have revoked the H1B petition but I have active employerā€™s H1B petition valid for 3 years, latest paystubs and employer verification letters. will there be an issue at port of entry ?