Will there be police verification after passport received?

I received police verification email the day my passport was printed. I also received my passport. In this case will there still be a verification or I should ignore the automated email ? Has anyone had police verification done after receiving passport ?

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Police verification is being done for all passport applications these days.

I put my USA phone number on the passport application instead of Indian phone number and I am now concerned if this will cause an issue with police verification. My Indian address has not changed from current passport and the police station I have entered is correct. Will the lack of Indian phone number create an issue?

@Steven_Kenny I am in the same boat. Did you happened to have the police verification after the passport is received?

Police will try to call the number before they can come for verification. Also they asked us to be ready with copies of a lot of documents and 2 passport size photos. I would suggest to reach out to the police station upfront

In which state is this police verification done?