Will USCIS Give 5-Year EAD to Employment-Based Pending AOS (i485)?

Originally published at: I485 Pending Will Get EAD for 5 Yrs (DHS Announcement) - AM22Tech

DHS has announced it will start issuing EAD for 5 years instead of the current 2-year term. We are still waiting for confirmation from USCIS as that agency issues the EAD cards. Earlier, during COVID, USCIS had increased the EAD card validity from 1 year to 2 years to tackle the extremely long processing times.…

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If my family have EAD and AP, both valid for 1 year, can I leave job here and go back to India for 6+ months but return before the expiry of EAD AP and again look for a job here?

Yes, you should be able to leave and return.
Your family can also use the EAD to keep staying in the US.