With multiple H1B approvals, Which H1B approval to use for DS160

I have 2 H-1Bs approvals/I-797

A) with Notice date of 05/17/2023 with validity from 11/01/2023 to 06/30/2026
B). with notice date of 10/27/2022 with validity from 11/01/2022 to 10/31/2023

I am trying to schedule Visa slot in India. Which H1B petition should i use for DS160?.

If i use A) above, then can i schedule the visa slot before 11/01/2023 and if so will i get visa stamped beginning on or after 11/01/2023? or can it even be before?.

Very likely i may get drop box, because my previous visa stamp on my passport expired at 10/31/2022.

For now you can use your current I-797 and can update the DS-160 or submit a new later on to reflect the new I-797 extension of status receipt based on when the interview is scheduled.

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But the US visa scheduling also takes petition number and validity for scheduling an appointment and not just DS160. Can we change petiton number after appointment in usvisascheduling

Ultimately DS-160 will be the source of truth. Plus the consular officer will always have access to all your immigration records including any new extension of status approvals.

Thanks Kalpesh. But if i use the current petition(B, ending at 10/31/2023), then is it like the max validity for my visa stamp will be till 10/31/2023 though i have presented the new petition?

No, it should be based on your extension or, up to 3 years from the date of stamping.

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@S11 What petition number have you used while filling DS-160 and did you get approval till end of your H1B extension period?

I dont recall correctly. But i recall providing both petitions during dropbox docs collection and they said give only the new one.