Work from Remote 100% - location changes after filing h1 amendment

Hi Anil,
I am holding H1 visa with one year validity. Recently I came here in USA 30th December 2023. (stamped visa 12/12/2024 & Unused visa in July 2023 to December 2023) in USA EST zone Client name A.
Its Work from Home remotely 100%. Now I need to do change my client name B and amendment with extension. So that I filed LCA with EST current location work from home remotely 100%.
My MNC firm filing amendment with extension process as of now. And I have n’t received my receipt number yet.

My question is : My job is completely remote 100%. and once I get the receipts, can I move to Texas(Dallas) location?
In my LCA already posted work from home and remotely - in EST Zone.

Could you please suggest, what needs to do if wanted to move to Dallas Texas location?

Do I need to re-file LCA or not?
All my H1b amendment +extension is mentioned this remote - work from home address so, will it get impact any thing?

Please advice me.


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If the amendment mentions your Dallas address as work location address, then you can move.

Otherwise, you will need to file another amendment for Texas (dallas) work location address.


Thanks for the reply.

Second query :My recent I-797B Approval Notice mentioned valid from 04/06/2023 12/12/2024.

Stamped date is showing 3JUL2023 to 12DEC2024.

I am going to file amendment + extension for location change as well as client name change.

How many months I will get extend for this filing. And how long it will take approve the case?
Can I start work once received the receipt basis?

Third query: Suppose, lets assume, this amendment is not approved in Nov 2024 or Feb 2025. Due to an emergency, can I travel to India?

Fourth query: Suppose, it is approved in Nov 2024 or Feb 2025. If I travel to india and return to USA, will I required to do stamping?
Is it possible to entry and exit alternative way?

Please guide me
Thanks in advance.