Work location change after PWD approved


My employer has started GC process and have PWD approved and recruitment step is in process. Now employer decided to close the office location (which was used in the approved PWD) and convert all the employees as Remote employees. The current and new remote location zip-codes differ. However, they are within 13 miles.

My questions are

  • Do I need to redo PWD and recruitment because of the work location change?
  • I have only 1.5 years left on my H1b Max out. So what can be done to retain same PWD and recruitment. Is there a risk of getting an audit for using existing PWD with old work location?
  • What are my options to file PERM within 365 days of 6 year H1 Max out so that I get the 7th year extension?

Please advice.

@anil_am22 @Kalpesh_Dalwadi Can you please advice here?

I am afraid that your employer may need to redo it as they have closed the work location which was the base for the job.

This seems to be a material change.

Have you spoken to your employer’s lawyer about what they plan to do? They must have devised a strategy as closing the office means a lot of other employees would also get affected.

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Thanks for the reply @anil_am22.

My employer’s attorney is suggesting to redo PWDs and as a strategy to solve particularly my case, they are suggesting to do PWD and recruitment at the same time to save some time. I have like 15 months left for H1 Max out (including the unused H1 days). What can be done to get I-140 approved before Maxing out (Jan 2025)? Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Also, we have WeWork location after closing physical location. Is that something that we can consider to use the existing PWD?

As per my understanding, it does not matter whether it is wework or your employer’s own property location or any other type of leased location.

All are considered same and the job ads and other processes need to be done for that specific work location address.

The process will take its due time. At i140 step, you will have the premium processing option.