Working from India while waiting for H1b visa stamping

Hi Anil,

I am currently stuck in India awaiting US consulates to open for my first H1b stamping (valid till Dec2020). My employer is asking me join India payrolls.

  1. Will Indian payslips affect visa stamping?
  2. Any specific documents required (India offer letter etc) need to be shown during stamping?
  3. Can I maintain H1b status if I don’t get US salary (as per LCA)?
  4. Can H1B extension (current petition ending December 2020) be filed while I am in India? Considering that I will have recent India payslips and India offer letter

Please advice.
Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for you response Anil. Can you please answer question 1 and 4?

Indian payslips will not affect H1B visa stamping.

H1B Extension can filed with ‘consular processing’ option if you are outside US.

Hi Aish,
I am in the same boat- waiting for H1b stamping. Any luck on your side?