Worried about police verification

I have to renew my passport soon and I am getting worried. my address on the passport is my college hostel address so it’s not current. I will put my foreign address as current address but they are asking for an Indian address for police verification.

I dont have an Indian address… I have not stayed in India since years. My family vacated our childhood house. my close family members are also staying abroad now. I have some relatives in India but I have no address proof for their addresses.

I have 0 criminal records

but worst case can they cancel my passport for this address issue? that would mean that my stay abroad immediately becomes illegal and I have depart back to India immediately and would turn my life around.

You have to provide at least one address of your friends or family who can vouch for you… That’s the Govt. Rule.

any friend or distant family living any where in India? when the police contacts them they should just confirm that they know me?

Turns out this situation is quite common. on my friends faced the same problem. The police couldnt verify his Indian address so they gave negative report. but he is still got his passport and is travelling normally.
Very confusing system…

Hi Test14,
Did you finally get your passport reissued ? Did you get any police verification ?