Write Full Time instead of number of hours for ACS assessment?

Hi Anil,

I want to renew my skill assessment. I did it 2 years back and it is expiring soon. I have bella query.

I am working with same employer since my last assessment was done. However, now the same current employer is regretting to mention number of hours worked in the experience letter. Last letter provided for the previous assessment has number of hours mentioned in it. Can I go ahead and upload this new letter which only states Full time employee word and not hours worked.

Appreciate your help on this.

‘Full time’ word is considered equal to 40 hours of work per week.
You are fine. Don’t worry.

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Thank you Anil for quick reply

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Hi Anil, I have got the reference letter from employer but number of hours worked are not mentioned in it. Company policy says that this info is not provided. Will it lead to ACS rejection? Full time employee is mentioned.

Hi @guneetsaini

Please read my answer above.

Thank you so much for your help.


I have received one of my company letterheads and they didn’t mention working hours of about 40 or 45 hours per week. However, they mentioned “worked full time employed” Is that okay? or hours must be mention in the letterhead! I’m really worried that they are denying to mention working hours.

Kindly suggest for the same.


Hi @ram_cloud

Please read my answer above.

Hi Anil,

Thank you for the update.

Hi @anil_am22 , I could see that the guidelines have changed in Aug 19 and says that number of hours mentioned.

My problem is my employer has not mentioned number of hours , only full time is mentioned , is it okay in today’s case as well ?

Other question for proof of payment , if the PF was with the same company in form of trust is it okay to give the same ?

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‘Full time’ word is considered equivalent to 20+ hours of work per week.