Wrong "Deported" remark on the Indian passport

Good Morning . I’m Prasanna From India, I am a software engineer ,I traveled to Mexico from my company back in 2019 on a business Visa, I was rejected entry into their country even though I carried all the required documents (Most of the Chinese and Indians were rejected entry without specifying the reason, All they said was some missing documents) .
In 2021 ,I had applied for a a temporary residency in Mexico and my visa got stamped , but when I went to board the flight the Immigration officials in the
New Delhi airport told me that I have a Deported remark on my passport .But I was never deported any time before . This is affecting all my travel henceforth. Whichever country i apply visa for they ask me the “If i was Deported” .I’m feeling so helpless :frowning: Can you kindly help me on any information about how to remove these wrong remark from my passport please. Thanks in Advance.