Wrong DS160 for 28th Feb b1b2 visa interview

i realised i did not submit DS160, i took the slot based on previous ds160, the system allowed me to.

i have B1B2 interview on 28th February (in two weeks)
i made a mistake. the DS160 on my appointment is a previous DS160
it has H1b visa application, it is old, now i need b1b2
since it allowed me to take interview slot i did not realize that I need to submit a new DS160 and then take interview slot

i am thinking i might have to cancel this appointment all together!

but someone has advised me tat i can submit a new DS160, and carry it on the previous day bio metric and then refer to it in the interview. they will accept it. is it true or is there a risk of rejection stamp?

Usually, submitting a new DS160 is the way to go .

But, in your case, the visa type is also changing. Did you choose B1/B2 before booking the appointment or you selected H1B to book the slot?

i selected B1/B2 while booking the slot. visa category shows b1/b2 in appt letter.

the appointment letter has DS160 no below a bar code on page2
this is an old DS160 of 2019 for H1 visa

Now someone told me that i can submit a brand new DS160 and then show it during biometric and interview. is that ok?


Please avoid posting personal information such as this on public forums.
You can submit a new DS-160 with correct information and take it to your appointment with the old one. Alternatively you can call VFS after submitting the bew DS-160 and they can link it with your appointment. In case of further questions you can call VFS and they should be able to help.


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thank you. is there anyway to remove this ?