Wrong H4 EAD Extension End Date,Typographic Error

Hello Anil,

I got my new H4 EAD Extension valid till 04/1/2022. Which is one week less than current EAD(4/7/2022).

My husband H1B approved and valid till - 06/23/2024
H4 Extension also approved and valid till 06/23/2024

I have applied for an e-Request - Typographic Error, but not sure when will I get reply from USCIS.

Now my question is am I eligible for h4 EAD auto extension as I don’t have any pending h4 EAD petition? Do I need to file a new H4 EAD extn for getting 6 months auto extn? Do I need to send a correction letter along with the new EAD card?..
Please suggest.

You need to have a pending EAD application and a valid underlying H4 status to be able to get 180 days automatic extension of H4 EAD.

If you think your EAD was issued with wrong end date and is USCIS error, you can talk to a live agent and open a case to get new EAD with updated end date.

Thanks for the suggestion. does that mean I need to apply for a new application for H4 EAD extn. and also followup with USCIS to correct the dates? both we need to do in parallel?

If you can get the new EAD corrected before the current expires then you dont need to file for another EAD, right?

Right. but we will not get prompt response from USCIS. we have only two weeks time.
I saw the forums, for these kind of issues got resolved in 3 months.

Ok then you may file another EAD application.

Thanks, do you want me to send both current EAD and new H4 EAD copies(which has wrong valid date) along with other documents while filling another H4 EAD or only Current EAD is enough along with other documents?

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Hello nandhu,
Did this get corrected for you? I am in the same boat and am scrambling for options. Did USCIS accept the request to rectify this?

Also, my H4 is still pending approval. Not sure how they approved EAD before H4 and with the old H1B date.