Wrong info on your site

I can see in your system my perm is approved a week ago but i/my employer both don’t have any confirmation. Not sure how your system works?

What’s your case number?

The site clearly shows if the case was verified or not by am22tech.

If the case was entered by a user, it clearly shows as unverified. The users can enter bad data too.

am22tech’s service tries to validate the case with publicly available DOL data and marks it as ‘verified’ only if can be validated through the DOL site.

Can you share the screenshot where you saw your case as ‘approved’? It must have been shared by any user.

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We assume that you interpreted the data wrongly and it’s not a system mistake.

Hi, I see your site showing the July 20th PERM is approved and you have provided the case number too. Am wonder is that true? And the people are receiving the approvals for the month of July? Can you plz clarify. Because even my Perm filed date is July 15th…Thanks in advance

Even I see lot of june and july cases certified in the site, which in turn is showing wrong estimate for our cases. I see July 24th perm certified in the site …

Its user entered data. There is no way to verify it. If a user is sharing that their case was approved, then its upto you to believe it or not.

The service will show it as ‘verified’ if it is able to verify it with DOL data. Until then, it will show it as ‘user’.

Sure…thank you for the confirmation…if that truly approved then it’s good, so that we can have some hopes on our cases and can expect approval anytime.

Can you please Confirm, if your case is approved as per the site? if not please comment.

I see July 31st date as well. Doubt if the DOL has any preference for specific employers. Could you please confirm if it was seen in the past that specific employers cases was approved randomly.

No its not…