Wrong Name on I-539 & I-765 Approval notice but correct name on Receipt notice

While filling out the H4 & EAD extensions (2023 to 2026), we used the correct name First Name “Neha” and Last Name “Rani” but today we received the approvals with the incorrect name (FNU, Neha Rani). In the receipt notice the name was correct but in the approval letter, it’s wrong.

Name on Passport: Neha Rani
Name of Last 3-year Extension from 2020 to 2023 (I-797, I-539, I-765, EAD): Neha Rani

I-539 and I-765 Receipt Notice (the year 2023) received with First Name “Neha” and Last Name “Rani” which is correct.

Note: Now between 2015-2020, my name on passport and USICS documents was FNU Neha Rani so in 2020 we correct to Neha Rani on Passport, SSN etc. and then for extension between 2020 to 2023 everything become correct, FNU was gone from everywhere.

What are our options as I am working and old EAD (with correct name) is valid until 29 Sept 2023.

Thanks for help!!

You can request USCIS to correct the error. They will do it without any new cost.

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You can use this link to request correcting any typographic error:



So we can keep working on H4 EAD while EAD sent back to USCIS for making correction in EAD Card ?

plus are they going to send new approvals forms (539 and 765).